Staple- [stey-puh l] a basic or principle element or feature

My design philosophy is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality with a hint of quirkiness.

I believe good interiors should reflect the people that inhabit the space and that a well designed home or space should be a place where people can showcase their ‘story’. I am attracted to neutral colour palettes and natural materials such as timber and stone, and believe the most simple design ideas are often the best however they should be executed with craftsmanship and exactness.

Whilst I design with simplicity in mind, I like interiors that are layered with textiles, art and objects - items that breathe life into a space and make it a home or give it a point of difference.  I’m not scared to mix old and new - objects that have a history or a story create spaces with character and life.

I love supporting local Australian designers but am also inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design - beautiful, simple, clean designs inspired by nature and crafted with intricacy.

I love the colour white.

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